Lehman Enterprises, Inc.

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Who We Are

Cascadia Water, LLC is a private, investor-owned utility company consisting of water systems located on Whidbey Island, WA and the surrounding Olympic Peninsula. The company is regulated by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) in Olympia, Washington. Cascadia Water was formed on November 2, 2018 through the acquisition and combination of Lehman Enterprises, Inc. and Sea View Water, LLC on Whidbey Island, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NW Natural Water Company, LLC. Effective April 30, 2019, Cascadia Water closed on the acquisition of Estates Inc. and Monterra, Inc.

Today, Cascadia Water serves more than 4,900 people through 1,700 connections. It will continue to operate out of Whidbey Island.

About NW Natural Water

NW Natural Water Company, LLC (NW Natural Water), is a subsidiary of Northwest Natural Holding Company (NYSE: NWN) (NW Natural Holdings). NW Natural Holdings is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and owns a 160-year-old regulated natural gas local distribution company, NW Natural Gas Company (NW Natural), NW Natural Water Company, and other business interests and activities.

NW Natural Water currently provides water and wastewater utilities in communities throughout the Pacific Northwest and Texas. When outstanding transactions close, NW Natural Water expects to serve approximately 62,000 people through approximately 25,000 connections. Additional information is available at nwnaturalwater.com.

Lehman Enterprises, Inc. first began in 1976 by Wally & Betty Lehman, with W&B Waterworks. They purchased several other water systems around the central & south end of Whidbey Island. The company incorporated under Washington Utilities & Transportation Commission regulation in 2003. Lehman Enterprises, Inc.'s water systems were purchased by Cascadia Water, LLC in November of 2018. 

Sea View Water LLC began by Beatrice Morgan. It was then owned & operated by son John Morgan & business partner Jeff Breilein. Sea View Water's system was purchased by Cascadia Water, LLC in November of 2018.

Estates Water Systems, Inc. and Monterra, Inc. were purchased by Cascadia Water, LLC in April of 2019.

Cascadia Water currently consists of the following water systems:

  • Beachcombers H2O Co.  (North Bluff Rd area)
  • CAL Waterworks  (East Harbor Rd area)
  • T.E.L. Company #1  (Coles Rd area)
  • T.E.L. Company #3  (Goldfinch Rd / Windfall Rd)
  • T.E.L. Company #4  (Seacrest Ln area)
  • T.E.L. Company #5  (Cliffordsville Rd)
  • T.E.L. Company #6  (Bailey Rd area)
  • T.E.L. Company #10  (Camelot Ct / Welcome Rd)
  • T.E.L. Company #11  (Wilkinson Trace / Meander Ln)
  • W&B Waterworks  (Mutiny Bay / Wahl Rd area)
  • Sea View Water (Ft. Nugent / West Beach Rd area)
  • Estates Inc. (Sequim area)
  • Monterra Inc. (Sequim area)

Water Rates & Info For Our Customers

Water rates are regulated by the Washington Utilities & Transportation Commission (WUTC). 

Former Lehman Enterprises, Inc. Customers (Whidbey Island):

Rate 01: Metered: $17.50/month + usage. 

Usage 0-500 cubic feet per month: $0.75 per 100 cubic feet; 501-1000 cubic feet per month: $1.80 per 100 cubic feet; over 1501 cubic feet: $4.00 per 100 cubic feet. 

Rate 02: Ready-to-Serve: $17.50/month

Rate 03: Un-Metered: $26.74/month

All rates are plus state utility tax (currently 0.05029).

Estates Customers: (Sequim/Port Angeles)

Rate 04 Metered: $20.00/month + usage. 

Usage  0-1,000 cubic feet per month: $0.75 per 100 cubic feet; 1,001-2,000 cubic feet per month: $0.90 per 100 cubic feet; over 2,001 cubic feet: $1.05 per 100 cubic feet.

Rate 06 Ready to Serve: $10.00/month

Sea View Water Customers:

Rate 09 Metered: $34.00/bi-monthly + usage. 

Usage 0-8,000 gallons per 2-month: $3.00 per 1,000 gallons; 8,001-16,000 gallons per 2-month: $3.50 per 1,000 gallons; over 16,001 gallons per 2-month: $4.50 per 1,000 gallons. 


Monterra Customers (Sequim/Port Angeles):

Rate 01 Flat Rate: $25.00/month

Rate 02 Ready-to-Serve: $10.83/month

We bill bi-monthly: January (November/December usage), March (January/February usage), May (March/April usage), July (May/June usage), September (July/August usage), & November (September/October usage). 

Estates/Monterra are billed opposite cycles as above: February (December/January usage), April (February/March usage), June (April/May usage), August (June/July usage), October (August/September  usage), & December (October/November usage). 

Meters are read at the end of the month prior to a billing cycle (end of December for a January billing, etc). 

We accept cash or check (in office), and check (via mail) for all payments. Please include your account # on your check! We also now accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover payments (see the "Pay My Bill" tab above for more info). Our mailing address is PO Box 549, Freeland, WA 98249.  Our office address is 18181 State Route 525, Freeland, WA 98249. We are located behind the Chevron station in Freeland, right off the highway, (same entrance as Island Sash & Door). 

Our office hours are Tuesday/Thursday, 10am-12pm and Mon/Wed/Fri by appt.

If you have a water emergency, please call 360-661-7781